Communication is especially important in situations which are already traumatic, isolating and stressful. Times of personal crisis are not when we want to be advocating for our basic human rights. Read more: Equality, Social Justice, Americans With Disabilities Act, Police Brutality, American Rights, American Sign Language, Social Equality, Human Rights, Hard of Hearing, Taser, Deaf Rights, Jonathan Meister, Hospitals, Crisis, Justice, Deaf, Communication, Alfred Weinrib, Impact News Source:


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People with disabilities live in our neighborhoods, go to school with our children, shop at our stores, but too often, we don't know them. Read more: Americans With Disabilities Act, Inclusion, Jewish Federations of North America, Disabilities, Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities, Disability Rights, Jewish Disability Awareness Month, Disability, Ruderman Family Foundation, Jewish Federations, Religion News Source:


There's an ignoble side to the Americans with Disabilities Act that I'd really like to see change in Corporate America and beyond. The ADA, the landmark law that prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in the workplace, can work for and against workers. Read more: Americans With Disabilities Act, Workplace Discrimination, Disabilities, Employment, Ada, Americans With Disabilities, Work Skills, Impact News Source:


Kathie Snow, a disability rights advocate, brought to my attention a recent news item about Senate Bill 367 in Virginia. The bill would require a bar code on driver's licenses and identification cards that can be scanned to reveal if a person has autism. Read more: Virginia, Living With Autism, Americans With Disabilities Act, Parents of Autistic Children, Autistic Children, Disability Rights, Autism, Disability, Parenting, Moms, Austitic Self Advocacy Network, Advocacy, Virginia Autism ID, Politics News Source:


Unfortunately, both state and federal agencies have neglected to establish consistent standards for interpreters, allowing unlicensed and uncertified individuals to do great disservice to deaf citizens. Read more: Equality, Deaf Federation of South Africa, Americans With Disabilities Act, Human Rights, Deaf, Empowerment, Disability Rights, Technology, Advocacy, Interpreter, Nelson Mandela, Impact News Source: